The Countdown is on…

Written by Kimmie

May 24, 2021

Actually, the countdown has been on for some time now. But we’re literally at the FINAL countdown…9 days until we leave our current home and start on the biggest adventure of our lives.

It has been a whirlwind of emotions. We are all so excited to embark on this journey. The kids ask every single day “how many more days…?” (Actually, Bug has been asking “how many more days until Great America?” LoL).

I’ve had a few teary moments. Never in a million years did I actually believe we would go through with this. When I started travel nursing, I did it so Pete could stay at home with the kids. We didn’t even think about REALLY traveling until we vacationed in South Dakota last year, and I realized I loved seeing other parts of the country with my family. I enjoyed sharing experiences with them and re-living some of my own childhood memories of travel. When I said to Pete “what if we take a year long working vacation and you all travel with me?” I didn’t think we’d really be here, a year later, about to actually do it.

I’m excited…but also nervous. It’s a completely different way of life for us. We’ve never been very conventional people, but living between four stationary walls has been comforting. Having space to spread out is a luxury we are leaving behind. And leaving family and friends behind is a lot harder than I imagined.

This is where Pete has been my rock a LOT lately. He knows how badly I want this experience and how much I want to be with my babies and hubs more. He knows that seeing the ocean is one of my biggest bucket list items. And he has been extraordinarily supportive of all of this…and then some. If it weren’t for his optimism lately, I may have chickened out by now.

But with only 9 days to go, a truck and trailer bought and packed, 95% of the house packed up, all of the support of my family and friends….there’s literally no turning back now….

Seattle, Washington…look out. Here come the O’Neill’s!

The O’Snail Mascot

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