Hot Town, Summer in the City

Written by Kimmie

July 24, 2021

It has been insanely hot here in Washington state. And I mean the kind of hot that makes you long for an ice bucket…the kind that makes you feel like you could spontaneously combust at any moment.

 We spent the hottest day (112 degrees at the hottest point is what I read!) walking around the Bellevue mall. And arguing with each other. We wee all a hot stinkin’ mess, We couldn’t even get pleasure from shopping.

 However, the Bellevue mall is actually a pretty neat place. There were tons of stores I had never seen before, like Fireworks Gallery, which has absolutely nothing to do with the things you blow off at the Fourth of July. The store actually is what I would lovingly call a “hippie” store, featuring unique jewelry, accessories, gifts, home goods, and crafts from regional artists.





 There were at least three different coffee shops, only one of them a Starbucks. Of course Peter had to try one of them! My favorite store, though, had to be the Olive oil and vinegar shop. I absolutely LOVE unique olive oils and vinegars, and this one did not disappoint.

The sales clerk was super friendly and helpful and made sure we were able to taste the flavors that sounded the best to us. Even the kiddos got to try a few! In the end, we went home with 2 vinegars and an olive oil: an Elderflower apple lime vinegar, a strawberry rhubarb vinegar, and a Pizzolio olive oil that has tons of herbs and spices and is very aromatic.

 We used the olive oil first…I felt super inspired to make this delicious and light pasta dish! The heat makes it almost impossible to want to cook. But with Pete manning the grill, I made the pasta to go with it pretty quickly and painlessly. And the olive oil was so herby and had just a bit of a kick…it was a perfect meal for this 95 degree day. 


Chopped kale going into the sauté pan!

 I love the kale in this dish because not only is it really pretty, but the sautéed kale still has a really good bite to it so it adds a great texture.



 Sautéing kale takes away the bitterness but leaves a great texture for any dish

 Pete and I talked about what we would change if we made it again. Both of us agreed that sautéed onions, red bell pepper, and mushrooms would be great additions, but could potentially make it a heavier meal as well. So for now, we’re happy just the way it was!




























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